Around 2014 Davey lived on South St. in Philadelphia for 6 months. There, he laid the foundation for 20+ songs, including this hip hop influenced mixtape “Hungover Hustlin.” The lyrics embody his mindset in his early twenties, celebrating transient love on his quest for something greater.

New singles, remixes, and more can be found on the Davey Daydream SoundCloud.

The release of Hungover Hustlin warranted a music video for “Catch Me”, produced by Dr. Mean Beats. It was filmed by Mario Fabbri when he and Davey hit Aspen for X-Games in 2009. Armed with a DSLR, GoPro, and some ambition, the two of them stopped at spots along the drive for cinematic shots. Once at X-Games, Davey performed it a handful of times surrounded by friends they bumped into a the event.