Harvest Moon

Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon” envelopes a hypnotic ambience. I came across this tune after a wedding requested it and I knew I had to cover it.

Diva Music Video

After a wild night at The Black Box I wrote this song recapping the night before. Entirely non-fiction, I know some can relate.

Much love to Haley and Alice for modeling in this shoot.

Also thanks to Conrad Sperosen, Jack Bader, and Reid Pellegrin for filming. Edited by yours truly.


Sleepless Nights

Dancehall Deadbeats materialized after an open mic night @ Goosetown Tavern. On that night Keila, Matt, and I agreed to take on a gig at Mercury Cafe.

One of the songs we played was an original I wrote “Sleepless Nights.” I wrote it the day after my birthday inspired by the late night before.


DJ Goodie has held down Tahona for 10 years. Much love to him for putting me on.

Grab a Beer CO

Grab a Beer CO throws monthly events in Denver. One of the founders, Jerad Larkin, is a ball of positive energy. Keep an eye out for their events, they are a blast!

Much love to Kronen for connecting me with the event.


Playing acoustic guitar for yoga classes is one of the most spiritually rewarding performances. A different kind of listener, you can feel their motion translate into the music.

You can find more of my yoga related content here.

Sparta Combat League

Sparta Combat League is a local MMA conglomerate. I had the honor of providing the soundtrack for their event SCL 66.

That weekend was hectic! Check out the busy weekend in the video below.

Before the event, Reid Pellegrin of Angry Neighbor and SCL ran through the specifics. Check out the pre-meeting below.

St. Patty's @ Sidecar

St. Patty’s was lit! Wasn’t planning on filming it but Sidecar was packed when I walked in the door. I grabbed a few shots with my Sony and called Tylar Beechum who came through who filmed the rest.

Backstage Music Video

“Backstage” is an ode to the come up. I wrote the lyrics while flying and reminiscing of the journey.

Much love to CEO Visualz and Keen Perception for filming the event. Here’s a timelapse capturing some behind the scenes footage.

The Black Box

On January 19th, 2017 I made my debut at The Black Box with Angry Neighbor. Special guests included Lauren Joy, Isaac Eide, Mike Sabourin, and more.

Later in the night, Chando had me on as a special guest during their set. Getting ahead of myself, as often do, I lost track of the edge of the stage.

KMG Recap

KMG is a music compound in Boulder, CO. If they had been there 10 years earlier I would’ve undoubtedly enrolled!

They host an open mic on the first Monday of every month. Some events call for a featured artist, which I had the honor of being in December, 2017.

Here is a recap reel from the event.

Sidecar (Denver,CO)

“When one door closes, another opens.” As Boulder House closed, I earned a regular gig at Sidecar in Denver.

kLL sMTH (ReRiff)

After seeing kLL sMTH rock the 2017 Hill Block Party, I was inspired to rock a reriff of one of his tracks. I chose “Give It Away,” shown below.

The Hill Block Party

Every year in Boulder, CO Sean Tanner of Boulder Vapor House gives back to the community. Covering costs for national headliners, local acts, and other talent.

For a few years running I’ve created recap videos for the event. In 2017, I made my second onstage appearance and edited this video.


Boulder Creek is sanctuary. Some days is becomes a haven for young adults. It wasn’t long before I began bringing my DJ set up and a portable battery to rock out with the crowd the creek attracted.

Follow @DaveyDaydream on Instagram for a heads up as to when we’ll throw down there next.

XO Tour Life (Remix)

XO Tour Life has dark, eerie vibe that resonates with me. Inspired by Lil Uzi’s isolated mantra, I remixed the song focusing on a dubby bass line and grunge guitar.

The instrumental is available, please reach out via the booking tab for licensing inquiries.

No Diggity Cover/Remix

Some modern pop music resonates with me though there are throwback classics that kill the dance floor every time they drop. “No Diggity” falls into that category, inspiring me to recreate it with harmonies and guitar.

Boulder House

“When one door closes, another opens.” Throughout my DJ career I’ve had the fortune of finding new opportunities as others dissipate. Just as Polished Tavern (Denver, CO) was closing, Boulder House had an opening for a DJ.

Boulder House was a monumental venue space just off Pearl St. in Boulder, CO. I played there 2-4 times a week, earning a name for myself near my Alma Mater, CU Boulder.

Here are a couple videos captured @ Boulder House.