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Motion & Music

From finger exercises on guitar to sun salutations on a yoga mat, motion and music are relative.  A guitarist of 15 years, Davey Daydream found his practice while studying at CU Boulder.

7 years later, he's kept up his yoga practice and has earned experience across a spectrum of music.  An electronic music producer, guitarist, and singer-songwriter,  he has developed a sound, style, and approach to sharing space in a yoga class unique to his experience.

"I've learned how to read a crowd DJing bars and performing in clubs, but there's nothing like the patient audience in a yoga studio.  The reactions are subtle but when the music flows with the teacher's voice and the motion of the practice, it's a connection unlike any other venue I've played."

This live version of "Forever or More" was recorded in class as Rebecca Guidera guided the room through flow.  When you have a moment, I'd be honored if you'd press play and practice a short flow.  Do note, the structure and volume of each performance varies to accommodate the voice and direction of the instructor.

The first video above features iPhone audio sampling "Daydream Baby," arranged for class with Annie Sicard while the photo to the right was taken in class with Brittany Risse.

The second video below was filmed while recording in Nederland, CO @ Altitude Recording studio.  Originally a lyrical piece, this instrumental arrangement of "Rings of Saturn" has earned its place in yoga studios and weddings.

The 3 instrumentals below we're not written or recorded with yoga in mind though I've shared them in case you'd like to hear more.  These  were recorded between Altitude Recording and a home made studio in Philadelphia, where Davey lived and practiced yoga in a studio on South Street.

To collaborate and share space, please reach out through the booking tab.